Annie Nonymous

Annie Nonymous is a mermaid from Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid. She is portrayed by an actress, Ashleigh Rains.


After getting hit by a chemical waste barrel while she swims in the lake, she wandered into the town naked. Police picked her up and since they couldn't identify her, and there were no missing persons matching her, they intend to send her into a county mental hospital. Roxy Hunter however convinced the police to let her stay at her house. Roxy also gave her a name, Annie Nonymous. At Roxy's house, Annie was amazed by common household items. At nights she instinctively sleepwalked into the lake, so she wouldn't dry. Roxy tried several methods to get her to remember who she is, but unsuccessfully. Once when visiting Mr. Kyoto's seafood restaurant, Annie saw a picture of a sea, and went to look at it, she then got caught in a net that was hanging on the wall, and she freaked out and screamed, shattering glasses in the restaurant. It is then, Roxy Hunter figured out that Annie is actually a mermaid. Annie however was getting sick from the chemicals that were dumped into the lake. While Annie was again sleepwalking to the lake, Roxie followed her and found the chemical barrel. Annie and Roxie were captured by the crooks who were transporting the chemicals, they were tied up in a warehouse set to explode to get rid of the evidence. Annie lured Ramma to the warehouse with her singing, but it didn't pan out, since Kip, the man behind the toxic waste dump also arrived, and tied Ramma up. Fortunately Roxy's friend Max figured out Kip's plan and arrived with the police. Roxy and Ramma then drove Annie to the ocean and she jumped in and swam home.