Ariel The Little Mermaid

Ariel the Little Mermaid is a game for Sega Genesis system developed by BlueSky Software in 1992. It also released on Game Gear and Sega Master system, which had shorter stages. Ariel and Triton are playable characters, each saving the other.


Ursula has captured several merpeople and turned them into polyps, Ariel (or Triton, depending on player choice) goes for they rescue and frees Triton (or Ariel, depending on player choice) from Ursula's clutches.


Gameplay is simple: each stage has number of polyps, who the player must rescue by turning them back into merpeople, and the stage ends after the last one is rescued. Flounder can be summoned to help push heavy stones out of the way. There are several treasure chests that can be opened, and the points can be spent on items in Scuttle's shop.

There are four stages each ending with a boss.

  • The Reef (11 polyps)
    • Magmamouth
  • Sunken Ships (21 polyps)
    • Glut the Shark
  • Atlantis (7 polyps)
    • The Medusa
  • The Cave (18 polyps)
    • Ursula


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