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Dagon, to the Philistines, is an ancient fish-man or initiate god they worshiped. He had temples at Gaza and Ashod.

To the Phoenicians, a god popular throughout Western Asia; in Phoenician, the word "dag" meant "fish". He had a "form resembling that of a fish, but with a human head growing below the fish's and with human feet growing alongside the fish's tail and growing out of it" (Paine, p. 75).

Popular Culture Edit

H.P. Lovecraft wrote a novel about a sinister pagan god called Dagon.

There is a horror movie called Dagon, very loosely based on Lovecraft's novel, which opens with a dream about a mermaid. Less attractive fish-people later show up in the movie.

References Edit

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    Judges 16:23-24, I Samuel 5, I Chronicles 10:10.

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