This article is about Marina, the character from Philippine TV series Marina. You may be looking for other characters named Marina.

Marina is a mermaid from the Philippine TV series Marina, portrayed by actress Claudine Barretto.


Marina was born as a human named Cristina, to Esther and Elias, but was cursed to become a mermaid, as a revenge against Elias, by a sea deity named Victoria. Elias trying to prevent the curse left Esther and his daughter, but it didn't matter. Cristina turned into a mermaid, and Esther who was left to raise her alone, had to release Cristina into the sea, because of the superstitious villagers.

Cristina became known as Marina amongst the mermaids. Still remembering her human years, she dreamed of being human again. Marina traded Istah necklace for her legs with a sea witch Dugong. However, Marina soon discovered that when the moon is full, she becomes a mermaid again and that only true love's first kiss can free her from the curse. And Dugong learned that the necklace Istah gave was a trap, and Dugong now suffers the same injuries Marina does.

On Marina's 21st birthday, Victoria and Luna, her daughter, turned Marina back into a mermaid, and took her to circus where she became a star attraction. Eventually, Marina was able to get away from Victoria's clutches and eventually found her way into another fishing town, to a family of fairies. Marina married Rodge and they were expecting their first child.

Victoria escaped from her prison, and used powerful meteorite stone to swap Marina and her daughter Luna bodies. Marina was now in prison, and Luna was still carrying, Marina's child. Luna later gave birth to Marina and Rodge's baby girl, who was later named Mariluna, who inherited Marina's mermaid curse. Marina managed to break the spell with her friends help.

Victoria had Marina killed but with the cost of her life. Marina's mother Esther began having dreams, in which Marina is talking to her to get the Leafar, a magical liquid that can resurrect the dead. However, when Esther used the liquid, she resurrected Victoria instead, because she managed to get between Marina and the gate connecting the world of the afterlife and the world of living. Marina, lost in between the two worlds, gets help from her father, who is now a spirit. The only way to revive herself and to finally defeat Victoria, is to return herself into a mermaid once more. Marina was able to defeat Victoria, but it cost her her human form. Now forever a mermaid she trusted the care of her child to Luna and her husband Rodge, and returned to the Ocean.

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