Marina Lloyd

Marina Lloyd is a character in Surface 9: Lost Tales. Marina Lloyd is the cursed form of the Little Mermaid when she fell into the Real World.

Biography Edit

Marina is the Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale. Once upon a time, she saved a human prince from a shipwreck. She fell in love with him and the world above the waves. She went to the Sea Witch who transformed her tail into legs in exchange for the Mermaid's beautiful voice. Unlike the original story, it is implied the Little Mermaid lived happily ever after. Though she has legs, she is still considered a mermaid.

She became one of the princesses on the Council of Five, along with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Red Riding Hood. They ruled Fairyland with kindness and benevolence. One day, the Evil Queen sent her henchman, the Huntsman to steal the Book of Fairy Tales so she could write her own happily ever after. Cinderella discovered the plot and tried to stop him but the book was torn causing their world to wither and fade. Many fairy tale characters fell into the real world and forgot who and what they were. The Little Mermaid became Marina Lloyd, a girl in the hospital with leg and back problems who was bound to a wheel chair. Every night, she dreamed about her real life as a mermaid. Alone in a strange world, Marina fell into despair.

Meanwhile, Cinderella, who became known as Cindy Allen, was experiencing hallucinations. In reality, she was seeing fellow fairy tales in their true forms. She went to a doctor who was really a glamoured Huntsman sent by the queen to kill the princesses. Cindy pushed him out the window. She discovered files on her and the other princesses' cursed aliases including the Mermaid.

Later, after Cindy found her storybook pages, she and the Chesire Cat returned to Fairyland. There she discovered that all the princesses were replaced with enchanted puppets controlled by the Queen. The Queen disguised as Cinderella arrested Cindy but the latter escaped. Cindy met the Mermaid's sister, Veronica who asked her to find her little sister. Cindy and Chesire went to the hospital. The Huntsman had already arrived to find the Mermaid but Cindy broke the elevator, trapping him. Cindy found the Mermaid's storybook page and both returned to Fairyland. The Mermaid then advised Cinderella to meet with Red Riding Hood's grandmother.

After the book was restored, all the princesses, including the Little Mermaid arrived at the palace and restored harmony to the kingdom.