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The Mermaid Queen

Mermaids are weird.
―K'nuckles, Gone Wishin

Mermaids are sometimes encountered in The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. In the series, there are two types of mermaids; human-sized ones and giant mermaids. Both take the form of the mythical and modern depictions of mermaids; beautiful women with flowing hair above the waist and fish tails with scales and fins below the waist. Mermen also appear and Poseidon takes the form of a gigantic merman.

Mermaids have only been seen and mentioned a few times during the series. K'nuckles and the Mechanical Genie see them as funny and weird and this view may be shared by others. Two mermaid monarchs have appeared in the series; Poseidon, god of the sea and the Mermaid Queen from Gone Wishin.

Types of Mermaids Seen Edit

Human-sized Mermaids Edit

They are the most common depiction of mermaids in all forms of media but have only appeared in "Revenge". They are the size of humans and are extremely beautiful(something rarely encountered in Stormalong). One has wavy pink hair while the other has straight purple hair. Both have sea green scales and were so beautiful that a sailor fell in love with them on sight.

Giant Mermaids Edit

Mermaids look just like human-sized mermaids but are larger than them and possibly more powerful. They can grow bigger than Bubbie the whale and Eight-armed Willy, a giant octopus. The Mermaid Queen and Poseidon's children are giant mermaids.

Mermen Edit


Mermen are the male equivalent of mermaids but are unattractive and non-magical. They are very strong, barbaric and rough and tumble in most episodes but they showed a softer, kinder side in "Fish out of Water" where they help K'nuckles and Flapjack with their candy problem and fishy situation. They are respected and even feared by the other aquatic creatures, including the mutants below Stormalong harbour. They never wear clothing so that they can constantly flaunt their muscles. Mermen also have doctors.

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The secret lair of the mermen

Mermen do not eat candy and according to them, they get "jazzed up" hanging with their buds and beating up people. They work out all day and fight all night. They are under the employ of Poseidon and magical mermaids. They guard mermaids. For Poseidon, they act like Santa's elves but their job is to find bad people on Low Tidings day, put them in a sack and beat them up.

They can survive out of water for long amounts of time and can run on solid ground by forming a giant man which they accomplish by wrapping their tails around each other in a fashion reminiscent of the Voltron Force. One of the mermen wears a gold crown, symbolizing his role as the leader of the mermen but he also serves Poseidon, implying this is a more captain of the guard-like position. Mermen ue tridents as weapons and these tridents can shoot bolts of gold lightning.

Skymaids Edit

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"Skymaids are born when brave adventurers such as your friend steal mermaid wishes and wish for things they want."
Skymaids evolved from mermaids and are the next stage in a mermaid's life cycle. Their heads, arms and torsos remain the same but with a lighter, more sky and angelic colour scheme but their tails become two huge wings covered in feathers.

Mermaids may live forever unless someone obtains their tears. Mermaids hold their magic candied tears in golden, valentine-shaped jars which symbolize their actual hearts. Every time someone uses a wish, the mermaid they came from dies a little bit. Once all the tears are gone, the mermaid sheds her old form and becomes a skymaid.

Notable Individuals Edit

Poseidon Edit

Poseidon is the great god of the sea. He is a giant merman with dull, dark, blue-grey skin with scales, white hair, beard and mustache. A shark lives inside his mouth. He rules over the sea and all its creatures and the moon is under his employment.

The Mermaid Queen Edit

"The colour of my new home, will break my heart inside its own, my canvas here is of consume, my fins and scales will split in two, the Queen of ocean dest till die, no longer mer but maid of sky..."

-The Mermaid Queen, Gone Wishin
She appears in "Gone Wishin". She is a giant mermaid whose heart has been stolen by K'nuckles. She has long brown hair, pale skin and huge, beautiful, unblinking eyes. Her torso is covered in seaweed and her arms have scales. Her tail is dark green and she has a starfish on her forehead. When she becomes a skymaid, her body is clothed in clouds, her hair becomes bright blonde and her tail changes into a pair of wings with pale blue-white-grey feathers.

She says a riddle which foreshadows her change into a skymaid. K'nuckles ignores it, seeing her riddle as nothing more than mermaid weirdness. As K'nuckles and Flapjack use her wishes, she begins to die. Flapjack notices her state and sails out to her. He discovers how his wishes have been slowly killing the mermaid. He tries to stop K'nuckles from using the last two wishes but an angry K'nuckles uses both wishes for a hat, a corn dog and to go to Candy Island. The fool forgets that he wished for three things and ends up with only a hat and a corn dog. The mermaid screams and whips up a horrible storm before sinking below the waves. She rises up and becomes a skymaid. Before leaving, she tells Flapjack to never stop wishing and all his dreams shall come true. He asks if even the bad ones will come true. The skymaid replies "yes" is a deep demonic voice and flies into the clouds with an entourage of seagulls but briefly appears to tell K,nuckles that a hat and a corn dog are two things.

Poseidon's Daughter Edit

She isn't seen but is mentioned and has appeared as a figurehead in "Candy Cruise Blues". While it is never stated that she is a mermaid, her father and younger siblings are merfolk, she is most likely one too and may have the power to shift from human to mermaid form. A captain had accidentally insulted Poseidon( he really said "I sure hate deciding"). The sea king misunderstood and sank his ship. While adrift, the captain carved a piece of wood into a figurehead of Poseidon's daughter. It was so beautiful that Poseidon forgave him and saved him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As sea creatures, mermaids can breathe underwater for as long as they wish without fear of drowning. They are amphibious and can survive for ages out of water, even longer than air-breathing mammals like Bubbie who is a whale. Their tails can propel them through the water faster than a human.

Mermaid tears are magical, edible candies that can grant any wish when consumed. The tears can restore youth, summon and banish anyone or transform a person into anything from changing a little boy's arm into a huge muscular one, turning a man's eyes into gold, make syrup flow from a human's mouth and a hag into a horse. Mermaids are bound to their tears and the golden jar which holds them. When all tears are gone, the mermaid perishes and the heart jar cracks.

Mermaids have some power over the ocean. The Mermaid Queen sucked her mermen to the bottom of the sea with a whirlpool and her death stirred the sea into a terrible and frightening storm and summoned a huge water spout. Poseidon also had the power to manipulate the weather and could call forth storm clouds with uttering a word. He could craft fists from the water capable of destroying a ship but he could also calm storms.

History Edit

Revenge Edit

Gone Wishin Edit

Low Tidings Edit

N is for Navy Edit

Fish out of Water Edit

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