Mi Kyung and Mi-Jin are minor characters who appear in an episode from Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for Every Child. They are based on the Little Mermaid's sisters from the original story.

Background Edit

Mi Kyung and Mi-Jin are the eldest mermaid daughters of King Young-Jin. They lived with their father and grandmer( grandmother mermaid) in a wonderful underwater kingdom in the seas near Taipei's international trading post.

Personality Edit

Both sisters display friendly, fun-loving personalities. They aren't interested in the human world and are hesitant to wander their themselves because it isn't wet.. They care about Mija and aren't afraid to burst her bubble if they think she is doing something silly or foolish.

Appearance Edit

Mi Kyung wears two blue triangle earrings and a light blue triangle hair ornament. Her top is two shades of dark blue with a wavy pattern and she wears a black belt. Her tail is orange-red with pale pink fins on her side and a light pink, fan-shaped fluke with a blue spot.

Mi-Jin wears a deep yellow top. Her fish tail is golden-yellow with a pattern of dark yellow stripes and a yellow fan-shaped fluke. She has two sets of fins on her side. The First is pale yellow while the second is paler and more lacy. Both mermaids have very long tails and elongated bodies.

History Edit

The sisters are seen giggling together as they wait for Mija to appear for the family portrait. When the king asks what Mija wants for her birthday, Mi Kyung tells her to ask for a pearl necklace while Mi-Jin wanted her to ask for a seahorse and chariot. When Mija prepares to go to the surface. Mi-Jin warns her that she doesn't want to go to the surface but Mija only grows more excited.

The sisters are seen again when they try to tell Mija that a relationship between a mermaid and a human could never end happily. They are last seen waving to Mija as they sit with the other sea folk on the rocks.