Perfect World Tideborn

Tideborn are a playable race added in Rising Tide expansion in Perfect World MMORPG. The two classes of Tideborn are the assassin and the psychic.


Tideborn are the top of the food chain in their vast ocean domain, the Tideborn have returned after thousands of years of isolation from the mainland.

Life in the deep under tremendous constant physical pressure has made their bodies lithe, yet remarkably strong, making them perfectly suited for acrobatics and other impressive feats requiring precise body control. The quiet isolation inherent to deep sea survival has also given them plenty of time to practice meditation and focus, allowing them to hone their minds to a near supernatural level. Though the natural form of the Tideborn calls to mind the mermaids and mer-men of legend, they’ve adopted a bipedal form for their return to the terrestrial world.

The Tideborn is a secretive, aquatic race with skills that Perfect World didn't even know existed. They are a race that is deeply integrated with the ocean itself, and have been torn by war and internal conflict for many years.