A Naiad

Water Nymphs are a race of female water spirits.

Notable NymphsEdit

River NymphsEdit

A Naiad reside on Phil's Island bathing with an Oread and a Dryad. Philoctetes enjoys spending his time peeping on these female spirits. They flee at his arrival.

In Hercules and the River Styx. Styx is technically a Naiad, or fresh-water nymph.

Sea NymphsEdit

Oceanids or Nereids reside on tropical islands and are in service to Gegenius, a giant monster who spares their lives in exchange for the life of sailors they lure to the island.


  • In Once Upon a Time, any Nymph appears. However, Rumplestiltskin mention he had a pact with a sea nymph, implying their existence in the Enchanted Forest.


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