Waverly And The Magic Seashells

Waverly and The Magic Seashells is a series of toys with six different mermaids. Some play-sets has secrets with pearls.

Mermaid CharactersEdit

  • Waverly - blonde-haired mermaid, periwinkle top, pink tail, has a brown pearl
  • Star - red-haired mermaid, pink top, blue-green tail, has a purple pearl
  • Amelia - strawberry blonde-haired mermaid, hot pink top, light green tail, has a violet pearl
  • Mirabella (sister of Waverly) - dark pink-haired mermaid, light green top, purple tail, has a blue pearl
  • Coralina - brunette-haired mermaid, magenta top, blue tail, has a dark orange pearl
  • Breena - dark brown-haired mermaid, light blue top, orange tail, has a red pearl

Gallery Edit